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Safe, fast and non-intrusive 3D passive seismic technology

'As Stantec, we are considering using SWANS® in other projects worldwide due to the positive experience we had during the pilot study in Qatar'

The traditional method of borehole drilling is expensive and time consuming. As a results clients' schedules often overrun and budgets are exceeded. Our passive seismic solution, SWANS® provides key insights into subsurface properties and structure by using passive seismic data to create a 3D ground velocity model. This innovative method can effectively turn ground vibrations into valuable Geo-data by using the ever-present ambient noise in urban and industrial environments to help reduce uncertainty at early stage of the development. SWANS® technology enables:

  • Early planning of potential ground risk and geohazards
  • Detailed insights into key geotechnical parameters that reduce ground uncertainty
  • Informed decision-making, accelerating project schedules
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   Case study

SWANS® demonstrates a 50% time-saving screening for pumping station

We were approached by Stantec to carry out site screening investigation for the construction of a major stormwater pumping station in Qatar. The client needed to predict ground conditions and avoid unforeseen construction problems and gain early insights into the presence of any potential subsurface risks that could impact future construction and operation. We delivered:

  • Quick and easy set-up with small field crew:  75% reduction in people and vehicles, compared to a fully conventional approach
  • Deeper investigation (>100 m) than conventional geophysics to meet specific project needs
  • A 3D ground model
  • Time saving of at least 50% compared to traditional geotechnical approach and reduced CAPEX
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3D shear wave velocity block resulting from a SWANS®

Autonomous data acquisition

Fast and reliable subsurface results with SWANS®

By using our own proprietary software, SWANS® turns the ambient signals into a 3D seismic velocity model of the subsurface that can inform feasibility, planning and conceptual design decisions to support cost-efficient construction.

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Business value of SWANS®

  • Reduced CAPEX spend on conventional ground investigation
  • Improved risk management and/or risk transfer
  • Accelerated project schedule
  • Reduced health and safety exposure and social and environmental impact

Contact our expert

Dr. Rod Eddies
Solution Director, Land

Rod has more than 30 years' international experience as a geophysicist across the hydrocarbon, mining and infrastructure sectors and forms part of a senior global team developing risk management strategies for large and complex infrastructure projects around the world. He is co-architect of Fugro's Geo-Risk Management Framework (GRMF) that places clients’ end-games front and centre. Rod also oversees solution development in a number of advanced technology fields including 3D geophysics, cloud computing, machine learning and ground modelling. In 2022 he was awarded Fugro’s prestigious Herman Zuidberg Award for his work on the GRMF and for advanced screening technologies helping to converge geophysical and geotechnical practice for more effective geo-risk management and better client outcomes.

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