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Environmental services and remediation 

As urbanisation continues to push ahead rapidly, the demand for land areas to be redeveloped has become significant. 

Site redevelopment projects are a sustainable solution to accommodate infrastructure needs of growing populations, the demand for more industrial spaces and a means to revitalise contaminated sites. 

We specialise in delivering high-resolution 3D site characterisation and target-oriented in situ remediation services to provide unique and cost-efficient assessment of contaminated sites. 

Unique methods 

We provide a unique combination of cutting-edge site characterisation technologies and solutions to assess pollution levels in different environments - from small dry cleaning facilities to large industrial sites, we deliver cost-effective and reliable results.

  • Significantly low environmental risk on land (re)development projects
  • Reduced health and safety exposure, based on low-invasive site investigation
  • Fast and informed decision making, based on our real-time detection system
  • Proven 1000% return of investment

Explore our world-leading probing systems and technologies

We deliver accurate subsurface sensing and sampling, using our large catalogue of direct push units

Direct sensing

  • Membrane interface probe (MIP)
  • Light induced fluorescence (LIF)
  1. Ultra violet optical screening tool (UVOST)
  2. Tar-green optical screening tool (TarGOST) 
  • X-ray fluorescence (XRF)
  • Hydraulic profiling tool (HPT)
  • Injection logging (IL)
  • Slug testing (ST)
  • Cone penetration testing (CPT)
  • Electrical conductivity (EC)

Direct sampling 

  • Groundwater sampling
  • Liner or soil sampling
  • Soil vapour sampling
  • Installing groundwater monitoring wells
  • Borehole sealing
  • Target-oriented, depth-specific injecting or infiltrating of a reagent or substrate for in situ remediation

In situ remediation:

  • Biological and chemical remediation
  • Oxidative and reductive conditions
  • Depth-orientated and integrated applications
  • Injection over direct push and infiltration over wells
  • Water-like and suspension consistent mixtures
  • Low pressure porous and high pressure fracs-enhanced injection

Delivering advanced CPT methods

Environmental site characterisation and remediation services

Our CPT digital brochure incorporates various techniques available to obtain high-quality Geo-data in a broad range of industries and land (re)development businesses, including oil and gas, chemicals, power, infrastructure, shallow-gas affected areas, brownfields and landfills. 

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Reinventing land redevelopment with advanced sensor technologies

Our high-resolution 3D site characterisation  provides developers with the certainty they need to derive a reliable proceeding strategy with measurable and scalable indicators. Read the article our experts Eugeniu Martac and Stefan Klostermeier wrote on the topic.

Read the article >

Real-time data collection and analysis

Traditional land redevelopment projects often rely on manual data collection, which is time-consuming and prone to errors.

Our advanced sensor technologies provide real-time  environmental insights of up to 100 m, enabling developers and owners to make informed decisions faster. 

Watch the video to find out more.

Contact our experts for more information

Eugeniu Martac

Global lead environmental services and remediation

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Stefan Klostermeier

Senior consultant

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